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Julian at White Horse Pilgrim
tagged me to write six random things about myself.

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Not really sure what to write about but, here’s my attempt at randomness, in no particular order:

1. I have no sense of smell. No, seriously. Even my family doesn’t believe me about it, but I promise you, I have drunk enough curdled milk and lived in blissful ignorance of an apparently very noxious dog for long enough to be sure. Trust me, I can’t smell anything.

(A disturbing scene indeed - a sea monster WITH an exoskeleton. Why is this deranged woman holding and smiling at this monster like she personally gave birth to it? Wrong. Just wrong.)

2. I have a theory that everyone has at least three totally irrational - but trivial - fears. Mine are: exoskeletons, sea monsters and lava. Anything with its skeleton on the outside, from spiders to lobsters, creeps me out. I am also aware that the vast majority of aquatic life has been extensively cataloged, but I still don’t like going into water that’s not in my tub or a (clean) pool. And I don’t live anywhere near an active volcano, but the idea that rocks can turn to rivers of boiling liquid and swallow up everything in their path just plain disturbs me.

3. I have an inexplicable fondness for Bollywood. Yes, it can be cheesy and silly at times (but so can Hollywood.) I generally despise musicals, and if they were American films, reveling in our most superficial, materialistic, shiny pop-culture idiocy, I’d probably prefer to poke out my own eyes before I’d suffer through watching one. But these are different. Through the magic that is Hindi cinema, I find these films sometimes transcend the merely annoying to become really entertaining.

4. I can fly a plane. Well sort of. I don’t have a license, but I took lessons for a while when I was in college. I think after reading Beryl Markham’s West with the Night, which is one of my all-time favorite books, I had to try it for myself. It was great but, when it came down to choosing between expensive pursuits, I chose my horses.

5. I have green hair. Well, sort of red and green. You know, for the holidays :-) Actually, it’s an accident. I am a natural blonde, but my hair has been about every color but blonde for the last 10+ years. Most recently it has been red but, with the hard water at the farm, I can’t keep color in my hair, so I’m gradually going back to my roots. Only, the hard water has also left a greenish tinge. So I have greenish roots and reddish ends. Festive, no? Anyway, after I get more softener salts, I’ll be seeking professional help (maybe for the hair, too ;-)

(Ruins of a stone circle at Glenshee set to observe the southermost moonset)

6. Last but not least, my brain is on vacation and I couldn't come up with a #6, so I'm stealing one of Julian's - his love of Tolkien and elvish dreams, mentioned in his six random things. I suppose that's one we sort of have in common... My father introduced me to Tolkien at an early age, and his writings have had a lasting effect on me - and my interest in mythology in particular. The name of my farm, Glenshee, is the name of an actual place in Scotland which in Gaelic means “Glen of the Fairies,” due partly to the prehistoric stone circles and other monuments that dot the landscape, which later were attributed to elves/fairies. This was the first recorded point of origin of my Scottish ancestors, and, oddly, the most common and accepted etymology of my surname is “elf-ruler,” or “from the elf-wood.” Coincidentally, the clan later moved to the Borders in support of Robert the Bruce in Braveheart times, where they became notorious reivers, famous for their horse-riding and cattle-raiding. So, I figure "elves" and horses are sort of in my blood. Not so much the cattle, though I am addicted to dairy….

Now that you are all sufficiently horrified, I’ll not be passing the torch to six new victims, as everyone I know has probably already done this one. But if you haven’t, consider yourself tagged and please play along :-)

Have fun!


  1. Very interesting. I especially liked the #6 one about how Glenshee got its name. I'd love to visit there someday.

  2. thanks, i was trying to keep my 'things' on the lighter side, but i can't seem to stop myself from going into histories and long explanations :-) i guess it's an odd name for a farm, and a lot of people ask me about it, so i thought i'd explain that there is a reason behind it! i could never get away from work long enough to visit glenshee when i was in scotland, but i want to go there too; we should plan a trip!

  3. Oooh! Your six things were fun to read.

    I have almost no sense of smell. I can smell coffee, and really bad dog farts, and sometimes flowers. Not much else. My dad's the same way so I suspect it's genetic.

    My irrational fear is bears. They are horrible monsters who periodically haunt my dreams.

    And I loved West with the Night!

  4. I love all your random things!

    And knew you were a kindred spirit, but the Scotland thing cinches it.

    My ancestry is mostly British and Welsh, but there is something in there somewhere that resonates with Scotland. I wonder if I was a reiver. :)

    What a great name for your farm! When we moved to November Hill, I had all sorts of Gaelic names selected, but my kids nixed them all as too bizarre. (yours isn't at all - and I can't remember what some of mine were, but they groaned when I listed them out)

  5. That is a splendid list, thank you. Now I envision an elvish rider, multicoloured locks blowing in a Grampian breeze (you're there in good weather!) riding down and slaying a lobster without regard for the malodour. Before setting off to the borders to pillage the English like a true Scot. Perhaps visiting Thomas the Rhymer en-route?

    With the dollar low against the pound, perhaps you should visit Scotland soon?

  6. funder: now i don't feel like such a freak ;-) i swear everyone thinks i'm making it up! i feed my dog this all-natural canned food and i hear it's toxic at the other end, but i'm glad i'm oblivious to it. my brother also used to subject me to covert "gas" warfare in closed spaces to see if i got grossed out. he claimed these "experiments" were in the interests of science, but i wonder... i wish i could smell flowers, good food, if my barn was on fire, etc., but then there are other smells i'm perfectly happy to remain unaware of...

    i like bears from a distance, in cartoons, or in plush form, but not up close. we have black bears around here (mountain lions too,) though i've never seen them - and that's just fine with me!

    yay! i don't know anyone else who has read WwtN! and liked it! :-)

  7. billie: we must be kindred spirits! and i love the name of your farm - someday you'll have to tell me how you chose it... i know what you mean - i had a huge list of gaelic names that no one could pronounce or were just plain weird, so when i came across a pronounceable one with a connection to my family history, i ran with it!

    what is it about having an ancestral link to those particular isles that stays with us through the generations? i could imagine you reiving, or at least cantering a big bay through the heather :-)

  8. WHP: ha ha! i'm still chuckling at that image! too funny :-)

    if i do return to scotland, i'll be sure to enact this scene, complete with lobster-joust and pillaging, as such a fantastic visual should not go to waste! and of course, i would have much catching up to do with T the R...

    come to think of it, i will have some vacation time due this year... lobsters and englishmen beware!

  9. Well, the best weather often is to be had in Scotland in late May or mid July - not August which is rainy school holiday Highland Mordor!

    You could even visit Keil Bay, namesake of Billie's horse. I used to go on holiday around there as a child. It is a very scenic area.

    There are lobsters up there too on Loch Linnhe. The locals call them "Banavie fleas", the story being that a hotel maid put one in the bed of a loud Texan tourist, who came down to breakfast next morning saying that "everything in Texas is bigger and better than here except for the Scottish fleas which are the biggest in the world!"

    Anyway, I think that Funder is hankering to visit Britain. You should both come over. What a crazy time we'll all have! Better get sewing up your elven costumes.

  10. Oh man, you'd hate stopping by my house and having to use the bathroom. My kids' have pet hermit crabs that live in a habitat that sits on the back of the toilet tank. Nope, not good for you, LOL!

    I loved reading your 6 random things, I got tagged by OnTheBit at A Horse and a Half with this one awhile back and she just tagged me again with another 10 things about me. These memes are such fun!

  11. WHP - i arrived in Scotland in late july and was there for autumn and winter. some of august and september was nice, but it went downhill fast from there :-\

    i'm always up for a field trip with funder and co. sounds like a great time! don't forget to make an elven costume for yourself ;-)

  12. solitaire mare - these are fun! oh, you don't want me near your hermit crabs anyway - they don't have the best of luck around me - in 4th grade, i accidentally killed the class hermit crab when it came out of its shell into my hand and i freaked out and dropped it :-( oops.

  13. You and my son have that in common! The day we brought them home, against my motherly warning, he had to mess with the crabs. Well, it pinched his hand and he of course dropped it. Thankfully, the crab fell on carpet and was shaken up but okay. My poor kid got a "talking to" about LISTENING to mommy as I patched up his boo-boo. ;D

  14. Oh, my - if you go visit Keil Bay, you must take photos for me!!

  15. SolitaireMare - glad all ended well. cuddly pets they are not, but so long as no one was seriously hurt ;-)

    billie - will do! or, you could always join us! might be fun :-)

  16. What a trip that would be - wow.

    Speaking of hermit crabs, we had two for about a year, and then one morning my children came screaming for me. "Mom, Stella's eating BOB!"

    It was too horrible. Stella was indeed just finishing poor Bob off. We had to have a funeral, and discuss what possessed Stella, etc. I never thought those hermit crabs would have so much personality, nor did I imagine we would be dealing with hermit homicide. Gak!

  17. oh no! poor bob :-( that would have traumatized me as a kid - more stuff for my nightmares... cannibalistic exoskeletal sea monsters in deceptively adorable hermit form. aagghhhh! ;-)

  18. omg I LOVE #6, stolen or not. That is SO cool. I am a huge Tolkein fan, since the age of 12 (not saying how long ago that was)! I would love to visit your farm.

    PS you have an award over at enlightened horsemanship through touch. Come pick it up!

  19. Extremely interesting......Fear of exoskeletons, hehehe, I can't imagine! You'd get along great with my daughter, she likes Bollywood as well, LOL.

  20. I ate king crab legs today! I'm not sure whether that will terrify you or delight you, but perhaps you will sleep easy knowing that one more scourge of the seas has been demolished by me. ;)

  21. hi calie - yay! another bollywood fan! everyone else thinks i'm nuts...

    funder - my thanks to you! one killer crustacean down, heh heh heh... hope he was tasty ;-)

  22. One of my good friends has no sense of smell. You can give her any old wine, which is great. I would take anosmia over blindness of deafness any day.

    Exoskeletons are scientifically awesome. I prefer not to eat their contents, but I do like to look at them. I don't have an irrational fear of anything unless you count Big Bird.

  23. dp - yeah, when people try to talk to me about wines i just smile and nod. on the plus side, i'll drink anything ;-) i agree - if you had to choose a sense to be missing, this would be the way to go. anosmia is more of a minor inconvenience than a handicap (unless i accidentally mistake my smelly barn jeans for clean ones and wear them out in public...)

    admittedly, exoskeletons are scientifically pretty amazing - it would be cool to have one for the super-strength aspect, though i'm such a klutz i'd always be cracking my own shell :-\ i don't eat their contents either... they're just too creepy. and crunchy.

    big bird absolutely counts! that's one freaky bird (or, more disturbingly, a freaky man wedged into a giant yellow bird suit.) i'd steer clear if i saw that coming down the street.


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