all the wild horses...

okay, i'm done ranting on this subject (for now) but i was listening to this song that i love and thought i'd share it. enjoy :-)

"All the Wild Horses" by Ray LaMontagne


  1. I've heard this song before, it's beautiful and sad.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It's a wild horses kind of day. Check out this link if you have time, about the 300 or so BLM mares that get to stay wild...more or the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma.

  3. thanks for the link. what an amazing place. i sometimes dream about doing something like that, though i can't imagine what it would take to have a ranch like that... wow!

  4. My daughter is going to see Ray in about 3 weeks. She can't wait.

  5. oh i'm so jealous! i love him :-) hope she has a great time!


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