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Homework Assignment Gone Wrong

I saw this in an e-mail going around work and for some reason just had to share.  I had to read it twice:  once with my regular brain and again with my "shut up and act like a normal person" moderator in place.  After you get past the initial shock and stop laughing, it's actually very sweet, and it's something I might have written at a young age, though I seriously hope my parents would have checked it before I handed it in!!!  But I do have to appreciate any young person so enthusiastic about (hopefully) horses. But I couldn't help getting a good chuckle out of it after a very long week, so hopefully you'll see the humor in it too and not be too offended.  And if you are, too bad!  Hahahahah ;-) It came from this list:   so If you don't mind rude humor, there's more of the same. But it's not for the faint of heart.  Don't say I didn