Philippe Karl vs. the German Equestrian Federation Update

The German Equestrian Federation has finally responded to Philippe Karl's Letter and Petition; a translation of their letter may be found here.

Mr. Karl's answer can be found here.



  1. I opened your blog thinking it was from the Scottish Highlands (where I live). Although not what I expected, it was good to have a look around!

  2. jc- thanks! i named my farm for the place my ancestors came from in the scottish highlands, so you aren't far off! and i did live and work for a while in scotland. love your blog with all the great pics and especially the highland ponies - i just love them!

  3. Isn't this an interesting conversation? ;-)

  4. kim - it's getting juicy, alright! ;-)

  5. You've got to admire Mr.Karl for his unrelenting mission to make things better in the dressage world.

    I did love his reply to the Germans.

  6. me too :-) it needed to be said!


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