Equines and Volcanic Eruptions

 i just had to share these amazing photos.

Icelandic horses against backdrop of erupting volcano... need i say more?



  1. I copied and pasted the link. What amazing pictures. Those poor people and ponies.

  2. Wow - all the photos are incredible. The earth is really shifting and moving and spewing this year - makes me think she is having growing pains and that humans are going to have to follow suit.

  3. billie - in the past people thought rumbling volcanoes were the protests of angry gods. i don't know about 'gods' but the earth certainly has some reason to be angry! up here we recently had an unseasonable 94 degree day followed by a week of freezing temps and even snow on sunday :-\ if that isn't mother nature telling us something, i don't know what is...

  4. What beautiful pictures...but how scary to live there!

  5. *m- my thoughts exactly! i'd live in a constant panic, especially if my herd disappeared into a volcanic cloud! yikes!

    i've noticed the title of your blog - i will have to read on when i have some more time. seems we have something in common :-|

  6. I don't know if this is too "out there" for you or not, but there's a site that used to be called "What's Up On Planet Earth" and is now found here:


    She has been uncannily on target for stuff going on for me personally as well as for the planet for the past 6 years or so.

    I enjoy looking at things from different perspectives, and most of the time, her posts seem to be a few weeks "behind" me in terms of what I'm experiencing.

    I'm not sure if I feel the earth is angry so much as shifting and pushing us to grow/shift ourselves... but there's certainly reason enough for her to be angry given the destruction, waste, and general disrespect that goes on rampantly around the globe.

    When I read her latest post this morning I had to laugh, b/c earlier today I was rinsing beet pulp and thinking about building a fancy, "elite," sport horse - completely mechanical, sort of an android horse - for the super-competitive horsey set at the highest levels. Make it so elite and so powerful they'd all flock to buy them.

    But secretly, the android horses would be programmed to force the riders into submission if ridden with force, cruelty, etc.

    LOL - I am not sure where my head is if this is what I'm pondering at my laundry room sink! But the "dismantling of the old" sort of make me think "yeah!" when I read it.

  7. billie - there isn't much that's too 'out there' for me ;-) i love different perspectives on things too. it looks like an interesting site - i'll have to dig deeper :-)

    i don't know if i'd say 'angry' either (maybe that's just me projecting ;-) but definitely changing - even evolving, and we're going to have to evolve to keep up too. as an anthropology student, i know all too well how changes in the earth have driven our evolution - and we all know what happens to species that fail to evolve with the changes...

    i like your android horse and i'd take it a step further and make those 'top' riders ride one through a test and all of the aids would be picked up by sensor and sent to a computer, so their score would come, not from judges, but from the horse! ride too rough, misuse the aids, get off balance and the horse will let everyone know it! that i'd love to see! the horse given a voice in how it is ridden and exposing all the bad riding that goes ignored by judges!

  8. I saw pics on the news of ponies and the volcano. It was amazing but frightening too.

    I'm with billie on the earth doing all the spewing and shifting and such. Who knows what's coming next.

  9. it is a little unnerving, isn't it? :-\

  10. Amazing pictures - thanks for sharing!

  11. Great blog, amazing photos. I've taken the liberty of adding you to my blog roll at www.BraysOfOurLives.com. I hope you don't mind that I'm a mule . . . some people see this as my greatest asset, but one never knows how it will be received.

    Your friend,
    Fenway Bartholomule

  12. great, thanks! who doesn't love mules... :-)

  13. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.


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